I've actually started dreaming in a Japanese context so my brain must finally understand that I'm going to be here for a while.

This week has really been about establishing a routine, although I must admit, it's a pretty strange one. We usually wake up at 12pm, have breakfast / lunch... go for a walk or read a book... then get ready for work and catch the train at 3.30, (Kesh doesn't have to leave until a bit later because his office is closer). I start at 5 but it takes about 45 minutes to commute and I like to have some time to plan classes. I then have four solid hours of teaching, which consists of 5 X 40 minute lessons plus a ten minute break in between each one. I have to use this time to make comments on each of the students I have taught and find my next students' files.

We finish at 9 and sometimes I stay and have a drink with the guys from work or I head straight home and meet Kesh at the train station. We have to go grocery shopping every second day because the food here is sold in small portions and expires quickly (I guess they don't use many preservatives). Luckily, we live near a 24 hour supermarket so we can buy stuff on the way home.

We'll sometimes watch the English news at 10pm but as I may have mentioned before, they don't talk about much other than typhoons and earthquakes, so we make sure that we have a good supply of videos. Our bedtime is then around 1 or 2.

Our weekend this week was quite tame. We didn't go out clubbing, but we did visit Osaka Castle on Sunday. It was the first totally peaceful place we've visited since we arrived... that is until we heard music starting to play and we had to find out where it was coming from. We discovered that there was some kind of amateur music festival where bands set up about 50m away from each other and all play at the same time. I don't know why they didn't play further apart because you couldn't really hear each one clearly.

And for those of you who didn't know, it was my birthday on Tuesday. It was an awesome day. Kesh made me a special birthday dinner the night before. We had pizza (expensive here) and this huge salad (also very expensive here)... followed by ice cream and creme caramel. Then in the morning, he gave me a stereo so we can listen to the radio (and CD's of course), and some English magazines and a book.... And... we're going to Kyoto on Saturday night for the weekend! It was my friend Luke's (from work) birthday too, so a bunch of us from school went out to a bar that had a jellyfish tank and cheap drinks.

Random Observation

No one jay-walks over here. Even if it's midnight and you're walking across a narrow alley and there are no cars for miles, everyone still waits till the light turns green. Perhaps there's a harsh penalty for walking while it's red.