... And we have internet! It feels good to be connected to the rest of the world again!

This week has been good. I joined a rock climbing gym on Thursday with a friend from work. It's quite a bit different to Australia though... nowhere near as safe! There are no ropes or harnesses, just crashmats on the floor in case you fall. And even though most of the climbs are bouldering, (which means you climb horizontally rather than vertically) there are still some walls where if you fell, you'd probably break an arm or leg. I'm not used to climbing back down the wall either so it's a whole new experience for me!

We also bought bikes the other day. It feels great to not have to rely on the trains all the time. It's almost like having a car. You have to register it like a car, because even though Japan has a low crime rate, bikes are always stolen. They seem to be the one exception. The theory is that drunken businessmen see them after a big night out and think it will be a quick way to get home.

Kesh and I both had our three week observation at work on Friday. So far we're both doing fine. We're both still enjoying it, probably because it's only 4 hours a day and it provides a kind of routine for our crazy lives.

I discovered that female Japanese fashion is in fact not too small for me and I'm not even an extra large here. I bought a really cool jacket in size Medium for $25! Bargain!

We're trying to get addicted to a couple of TV shows that are available on video, like Sex and the City and 24. We can then pretend it's like home and watch an episode every week - seeing as there is still nothing on TV here! But it won't be long until I can watch Idol... I work with a guy who's from Australia, but he's been here for 10 years and has a huge entertainment system that can convert Australian tapes to the Japanese format. Of course I had to offer him some wine in return for the favour. A bottle of Margaret River Verse 1 that I tracked down in the local bottle shop. Quite lucky actually.

Random Observation

A Japanese breakfast usually consists of boiled rice, fried fish, miso soup and natto (fermented soybeans).