Aah... it's been a good week this week. I'm out of my grumpy phase. Apparently it's very common to experience huge mood swings while living here. All of the teachers I work with have said they've noticed same thing. One minute you're out partying and having the best time ever, and the next day you're on the train and an old man starts groping you and your mood turns bad. (Thankfully no old men have tried to touch me yet, but I've been told it's only a matter of time!)

I've been out nearly every night this past week. On Monday I went to karaoke with some of the guys from work. It was a lot of fun. We even recorded a 5 track CD. My friend Helen and I did 'I Will Survive'... it's quite bad, but not as bad as some of the other songs that were recorded. And I don't think I will ever drink peach Chu-Hi again (kind of like a peach flavoured Vodka Cruiser).

I taught a student the other day who spent a few years in Australia. It was quite strange asking him what he did over the weekend and hearing his response: 'Well, you know... I just chilled out and got pissed and lay back in front of the TV.' His accent was more Aussie than mine!

On Tuesday, Kesh went out for drinks with the teachers from his school. There's a local bar called the Jellyfish Cafe where you will see someone you know every night of the week. One of the teachers at Kesh's office had taped a heap of American sitcoms and lent them to us. I got a much appreciated fix of the Simpsons, Friends and Malcolm in the Middle!

On Wednesday I went out again to Shinsaibashi (the trendy part of town) and we went to a bar where the bartender was from Sydney and his mum taught at the school next to my primary school. Not a huge co-incidence but kind of cool.

The weekend was nice. We caught the train to Nara and walked through the forest. There are hundreds of deer roaming around that you can feed (I find the longer I work at Nova, the worse my grammar is getting!) There are also hundreds of stone lanterns around the edges of the path. I took some photos so I'll try and upload them soon. And we finally have a digital camera! It takes the best pictures.

Then on Sunday night there was a party for my friend Josh who is going back to South Carolina. We went to Bar, Isn't It? again and had nearly the whole bar to ourselves. There were about 30 or 40 teachers there... and I met a girl who it turns out lives in Sunshine Beach, about 5 minutes away from Kesh's sister! She once went out with a guy that both Kesh and I are friends with. Now that's a pretty big co-incidence. Or the guy I met who used to live 2 doors down from my cousin in New Zealand.

So that was a pretty big night. After the club, we moved on to a gay bar (half of the guys I work with are gay)... it was an interesting experience. The interior was a lot nicer than most of the places I've been to so far, and they give you free bowls of snacks (kit kats and cookies). There was also free karaoke. Everyone I've met over here is obsessed with singing!

And finally last night we had to go out again (yes, we HAD to). Our friend Mick was having an Indonesian food night but we got there pretty late and all the food was gone. We did meet some nice people though, a few guys from France and some Japanese people that work for Cathay Pacific.

So today, I'm doing NOTHING!!! Just reading my new book and waiting till I have to go to work.

Random Observation

The garbage trucks play music just like the ice-cream man.