The Story Behind The Story

Kirsty McManus lived in Osaka with her partner Kesh in 2004 and 2005, and worked for the now (almost) defunct English school Nova.

Having experienced so many funny and unique experiences during her time there, she started a blog for friends and family back home. Her entries were very popular with followers, and this encouraged her to consider turning them into a novel.

Kirsty is a huge fan of romantic comedy (aka "chick lit"), and she felt that this style would combine perfectly with the quirkiness of her adopted country.

With a lot of spare time on her hands, a (very) rough draft was developed within three weeks back in 2005. This was followed by six years of refining and editing. Having received very positive feedback on the final incarnation, she has chosen to release it independently, while building a profile and pursuing agents.

To read some excerpts from her original blog, click here.